Decentralization Matters

SenseiStake is a non-custodial staking platform for Ethereum 2.0, that uses a top-performance node infrastructure geo-distributed across the Latin American region, fostering development and descentralization for the Ethereum ecosystem.

SenseiNode's mission is to offer a regional approach to the blockchain infrastructure, facilitating a direct connection to thousands of individuals and companies through local nodes.
To help decentralize the current scenario of geographic concentration in Ethereum, Sensei announces the launch of an smart-contract platform that provides access to tokenized ETH 2.0 validators, distributed across Latin America: SenseiStake.
The smart-contract activates a dedicated validator on the Ethereum network for every 32 ETH deposit made within our platform, while issuing an NFT receipt certifying ownership of the validator to the depositor.

This NFT can be used to claim and withdraw validator rewards procedures once the Ethereum protocol allows withdrawals, but can also be transferred like any NFT, providing liquidity -- even before the Shanghai update.

Stake Ethereum with SenseiStake

Run your validators on diversified hosting providers and start generating rewards in just a few clicks.

- You receive the total of the staking rewards of the protocol, and those related to the transaction fees processed by your own validator: This is not a pool, you'll own a dedicated validator.

- You have access to online monitoring tools to track the performance of each of your validators.

- By representing the validator ownership through an NFT, it is possible to provide liquidity to the validator on secondary markets such as OpenSea.
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